Remove preservatives with SO2GO!

What is SO2GO?

SO2GO is a safe & natural product that is used by winemakers the world over. It removes Free Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) levels in wine or champagne and reduces preservatives 220 & 224. It will not affect the taste of your wine or champagne. Now you can enjoy yourwine headache free, preservative free!

Simply add to wine just prior to drinking. (It can also be added to  beer, cider or any juice that contain SO2. (Sulphur Dioxide)) Many people cannot drink wine due to reactions which include; headaches, stuffiness and hives. SO2GO removes 50% to 80% of the sulphur preservatives, harmlessly and effectively. SO2GO is based on the same process used by wine makers to remove high sulphur levels prior to bottling.

Available at Coledale Fine Wines.


Preservative free wine and Champagne with so2go!!

Enjoying good wine and Champagne preservative free with good friends. Neutralise preservatives and enjoy wine without side effects such as headaches, sinus problems and hives.

Posted by SO2GO on Saturday, 11 January 2014


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