Premium Package $3700 ($37/head)

This package is priced for 100 guests and we recommend the following quantities:

  • 20 Cases of beer 
  • 5 Dozen Sparkling wine
  • 3 Dozen White wine
  • 3 Dozen Red wine

Wines to Choose From:

  • Three Ponds Sparkling
  • Villa Sandi Prosecco
  • Logan Weemala (Pinot Gris or Riesling)
  • Printhie (Pinot Gris, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay)
    Yealands Est (Sauv Blc, Pinot Gris)
  • Wilson Watervale Riesling
  • Logan Weemala Reds (Tempranillo, Shiraz/Viognier)
  • Maxwell Silver Hammer Shiraz
  • Maxwell Little Demon Cab Merlot