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Pinot Grigio is the common Italian name for the French variety Pinot Gris. It is thought to have originated from a mutation of Pinot Noir in Burgundy during the 14th century. It migrated to Alsace and later to Italy. Today it is one of the most popularwhite wines in northeastern USA. Plantings throughout Australia have increased in recent years

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The word grigio means grey in Italian but the colour of pinot grigio varies in huedepending on climatic conditions during the growing season. This years wine is bright medium green with yellow and gold tinges. It has a sweet aroma of melon and tangerines with a touch of spice and flint. The wine is well balanced between fruitiness and acidity. The flavour is distinctive, complex crisp and lively. This crisp steely dry white is excellent when served chilled in warmer weather.

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